Marketing idea No. 175 – How to position local airlines industry in Post-Biman days

July 10, 2008by Shahriar Amin2

While our aviation industry is in the middle of a boom (both in terms of number of new carriers and increase in jet fuel price), the scary perception of flying from the “Bangladesh Biman” days remains. And thats mainly due to the fact that none of these new entrants have positioned themselves carefully.

Looking at the Indian aviation industry can be an eye opener. Kingfisher clearly stands out as the glamorous and fun carrier. Jet will be the one upholding the “Service” position. And there are lots of entrants from Spice to Indian Airlines, fighting out the “low price – low frills” position.

In the same manner, the Bangladeshi airlines can position themselves effectively. Here are some proposed positioning suggestions.

1. GMG – “The High Price- High Quality” service provider

2. Best Air – Collaboration with Thai airlines, and hence grabbing the “Global Quality service provider” perception

3. Royal bengal – Should be the no frills, price player (Along with Bangladesh Biman)


  • parvez

    July 26, 2008 at 10:16 am

    I do agree with you and as well surprised why private airlines are not positioning themselves this way. As you see the business growth is not seen as expected in this industry due to sudden rise in fuel price. But this is the right time to do the positioning. GMG can add some extra services like Singapore Airlines did in the past. SQ was a loosing concern once upon a time and they turned around not only by changing dresses but also adding new services like multiple audio & video CD, Virgin has changed their position by fun & entertaining show and BA is as always “Exclusive” “High Class”. But here in Bangladesh all the airlines looks like same. Best Air can attract global passenger by “economy airlines” positioning. They can drop meals on board and cut down cost. The same service is there in economy airlines from Singapore to Hanoi and Singapore to Phuket. There are lot in South America too. If you make me blind and push me to one of this airlines I can not find any difference except Biman (once you sit in Biman you get the feeling of short rain from the ceiling – it is oblivious and delay of start). For other airlines you feel same temp, also same type of sit, GMG has slightly different seat belt, all these airlines will offer you Mango Bar, candies, newspapers etc. It is really funny as well when you are investing million of dollars in it and simply following each other.If they fail to do positioning in near future these airlines has to remain calm in the ground and possible new entrants will be private airlines from India.


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