Marketing idea no. 49 – Rickshaw branding

July 29, 2007by Shahriar Amin1

This idea is contributed by Mohammad Jobaed Adnan 

If we think about mass transport then what do we see almost everywhere across the nation? The answer should be “Rickshaw” – the most popular transport for the nation. Dhaka is already known as the city of Rickshaws.

When there is a question about branding on transport it seemes bus was the obvious choice. But how about Rickshaw branding?

There are some fantastic opportunities that rickshaw branding presents

1. In rural areas and small towns rickshaw, not bus, is the mode of transport of choice. So any company willing to increase its presence there, rickshaw should be an automatic favorite.

2. It should be relatively less constly than other forms of transit marketing

3. Of course Rickshaw should be off limit for brands that want to position as luxury, quality or glamourous. But there are some commodity oriented brand who thrives on being positioned as “brand of the common people”. What is a better way of being positioned as a brand of the common people than being exposed into the vehicle of the common people?

4. Rickshaw is a slow moving vehicle. Thats why compared to bus or other vehicles, its visibility and readability will be higher.

So if the next question is, “Why we need to use rickshaw as a media?”, the most appropriate answer will be, “Why not?”

One comment

  • Debasish Shikder

    July 29, 2007 at 8:59 am

    Dear Adnan

    Very nice proposal. Some of our local and multinational companies tried to use the media.

    a) Perfetti (Alpenlibe)
    b) SMC (Hero condom)
    c) ACI (ACI coil)
    d) Suresh Mustered oil
    e) Local brands in thana towns

    Off course it has a great potentiality and it will get the popularity. But there are some problems
    1. Most of the rikswa in dhaka city do not have legal
    2. Un licensed rikswa branding is risky.
    3. Very difficult to monitor .
    4. Difficult to execute .
    5. Rikswa owner does not kepp it (properly paid).
    6. Most suitable for Bangla cinema’s plate.
    7. Last but not least you have mentioned the image of product in a non conventional media always management thinks risky.

    I strongly support you in this respect and wish all of the rikswas in Dhaka city will be branded through Smile if Shariar Bhai thinks potential. Rest other like me can follow him and can motivate management to do so.

    Brand Manager
    Olympic Industry


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