Marketing Idea No. 105 – Branding Vs. Marketing

November 18, 2007by Shahriar Amin7

Sounds contradictory! After all both marketing and branding co existed in almost all text books for decades. So what has happened all of a sudden?  

To start it off – their soul lies in different places. While marketing is all about the Ps ( Products, places, price, promotion), brand are not available in the market place. Brandings is a war of perception and it exits between our ears. Marketing wars are fought with prices. Brand wars are fought with positioning.  

To second it, marketing separates, but brand unifies. Marketing is about segmenting a big group of people, and targeting them with proper market mix. But branding preaches the unifying element that combines. Branding says that in more than one ways – a 15 year old kid and a 50 year old campaigner behaves the same. And it’s the job of the brand to associate with that similarity.  

If marketing had its own way, Coca Cola would have to create a marketing mix for each segment – teens, tweens, kids, oldies. But because Coca Cola is at the end of the day a brand, not a product, it preached the message that “Coke is the real thing”. And that is one message that brings us to one platform, one positioning from Alaska to Australia.  Our job at the end of the day is create brands with positioning, not product marketing. That is a whole new ball game …..


  • Dave

    November 19, 2007 at 4:55 am

    Marketing is about defining an unmet need or want and filling that need/want. This involves research, product development, marketing communications, sales, customer support and more.

    Branding is some identifiable entity making some specific promise of value.

    The two go hand-in hand.

    If marketing is successful, it makes some unique claim of value and then delivers that value to the satisfaction of customers who will come back and repurchase.

    Marketing battles are not fought on price. That is commoditization.

    Commoditization happens when marketing and branding fail and all you have left is a low price argument.


  • Sadique

    November 20, 2007 at 1:57 pm

    Branding is the concept while Marketing is to make the concept success.

    The example of Coke is self-contradictory, yes Coke is segmenting! care about a Coke? Diet Coke? Sprite?

    Price is not only a marketing factor, it is a brand factor also. you can take the same thing, and then put a different price tags, and see people perceive the quality. Example: look at the fashion houses, the exact same jeans can be found in 1st floor newmarket, textmart, Westcecs. Same goes with laides-wear.

    To me the only one product for the world can be water, think about it, everyone drinks it. But then again, there are segments here also: look at the tap water VS bottled water. In bottled water, look at Treated water, Ozonized water, Fountain water, Mineral Water, Distilled Water etc etc. Not only that, you have also water purifier (i am not going into details of this category), water heater, Water purification pill etc.

    When we have started to Brand & Segment water, i think we will be able to do it for anything. I just want to put in a thought: Name me 5 products that has been successful just by the Brand itself, w/o any marketing (no 4p activity)


  • Michael Westervelt

    June 20, 2009 at 4:19 pm

    I highly recommend a book titled “Convergence Marketing, Combining Brand and Direct for Unprecedented Profits, by Richard Rosen.

    Rosen explains how to bring together in an effective, profitable manner the needs of both “branding” and “marketing”. It happens all to often in advertising that marketing executives focus exclusively on the brand or on direct marketing. Rosen shows how the two should complement each other, which in the end drives stronger brand engagement AND additional sales.


  • Mayank Dhingra

    March 6, 2010 at 5:57 am

    Agreeing with Dave marketing is NOT a battle of price. Also, Branding is the process of creating a Brand(sum total of perceptions that people have for any product or business) including positioning

    My 2 cents


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  • ali wahab

    October 19, 2011 at 5:12 pm

    Marketing is something about identify customer needs and wants then ways to fulfill them and delivering them with value, satisfaction, trust.
    Branding is making best customer perception, satisfaction, loyalty, retention and when we name product a specific name comes to our mind that is what we call setting image in every body’s mind and awareness.


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